Book One Prologue Discussion Topics


As promised to one of the readers, here are the discussion topics for the Prologue:

BookOneCover-Final50505050The Chronicles of Sekhmet on Olmecra
by indigo ptah
Book One
She Comes Forth By Day

Discussion Topics for the Prologue: The Shetau

-1.  Is there something interesting about the council name Shetau? About the letters in the word Shetau?

-2.  Who would you guess is the narrator of the chronicles?

-3.  Do the Shetau remind you of a particular market place?

-4.  How would you describe the difference between a Queen Mother, Universal Scholar and Supreme Science Adept?

-5.  Any thoughts on why the Mother of Moisture, GodIs TefNuut, would birth a daughter to master Fire?

-6.  How does your knowledge of zodiac stars align to the events in the prologue?

-7.  Why is it important for the Shetau to get to higher dimensions?

-8.  What cosmic goddess attributes would you compare to a lioness?

-9.  If Earth is designated as a “Free Will” planet, what might be going on with the other planets?

-10.  If there are only three seasons on Earth (Khepra, Re, Atume), what happens during what we call winter?

-11.  How would you describe the expression “Earthly Experience”?

-12.  What potential conflicts do you see with GodIs Aset’s plans?


Hope you enjoy the book and your discussion.




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