Coming Forth By Day – The Logical Way 2 Tell Time

Kiswahili meets Kemet.




While attending Kiswahili class, I was introduced to another one of the many connections to re-member how I’m connected to the NTR. First let me clarify, the word Kiswahili is the AfRaKan cultural spelling of what English describes as Swahili. It is the Bantu language spoken by many on the continent of African… mostly eastern nations.

The close relationship to aspects of the Sun in Kemetology inspired me to write about the Kiswahili clock in this Kemetic Studies blog. Kiswahili time is an expression of where the Sun is in the sky by day or night. I don’t profess to have read the entire coffin text of the ancient book “Coming Forth by Day”; but the title has always resonated with me literally. The word for day is “siku” and the word for night is “usiku.” This reminds me of the mentions in the ancient text for “world versus…

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