Book One Chapter 0 Discussion Topics


Here are the discussion topics for Chapter 0…

BookOneCover-Final50505050The Chronicles of Sekhmet on Olmecra
by indigo ptah
Book One
She Comes Forth By Day

Discussion for The Lyoness Legacy:

-1. What does the chronological time stamp tell you about the time frame of the Goddess discussion?
-2. Why is Goddess Neith so excited about the meeting?
-3. What are your first thoughts about what SISI entails?
-4. Did you notice the NTR tried to fix racism by making everyone see people as the same color?
-5. Do you wonder why NTR Asar was given authority to destroy planets?
-6. Do you know the other myths about missions for Goddess Sekhmet to Earth?
-7. What do you know about the mythical Queen Kalifa?
-8. Where is MU?
-9. How would you describe a self-initiate?
-10. Do you wonder why NTR Ptah is called a mother/father?


Hope you enjoy the book and your discussion.




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