Book One Chapter 1 Discussion Topics


Here are the discussion topics for Chapter 1…

BookOneCover-Final50505050The Chronicles of Sekhmet on Olmecra
by indigo ptah
Book One
She Comes Forth By Day

Discussion for Blue Lotus Petal:

-1. Does DesFonto remind you of an urban/suburb you know of ?
-2. Why was TaMaRa not planning to attend the rally?
-3. Any thoughts on the different personalities of TaMaRa’s children?
-4. What thoughts do you have about Farahi’s personality?
-5.  How do you think busing affected communities in the USA?
-6. Would you be excited or frightened to see the Muurwomban?
-7. How would you explain the experience with the Muurwomban if it had been you?


Hope you enjoy the book and your discussion.




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