Chronicle Summaries

The Seven Novellas

Book One – She Comes Forth By Day

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Goddess Sekhmet is a Legendary Lioness-Woman tasked with raising the vibrational energies of humans, on a specific part of the Earth. Without the elevation in vibrations, Earth will not be able to ascend with the other planets in the galaxy.

She is Super Woman rolled up into Mother Nature. The Matriarchy of the Kemetic Pantheon and Cosmic Goddesses, are the protagonist of the book; displaying their best nurturing attributes. The story is being told from a divine feminine perspective in a way Goddess Sekhmet is not traditionally typified.

Book Two – The Lyoness Path 

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The Divi9 Femi9 go to war with SISI to create a nation inside a nation of global villages using alchemy saved in the fabled Krystal Mound of Atlantis.

Book Three – Ankh Powerful 

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Feminine and Masculine energies unite to become a Force of Nature in fighting SISI.

Book Four – Weighing of Ma’at’s Heart

(est. avail: Winter 2022)


By any means necessary, NTR Asar joins the Tri-GOD-Star Project team to get to the truth of justice, reparations, re-compensation and restitution.

Book Five – Nuut’s Rainbow

(est. avail: Summer 2023)


With all kingdoms on earth at peace, materialism and greed take one last stance.  But the vibrations of the planet must rise before AmenRa’s comet of mass destruction reaches the stratosphere.

Book Six – Sirius Mothership Connection

(est. avail: Winter 2023)


The Restoration of Ma’at’s Temple is complete on Olmecra, but those not fully connected to nature are having a hard time with the last rights of passage the humans on Earth will ever need.

Book Seven – Failure is an Option

(est. avail: Summer 2024)


The Tri-GOD-Star Project looses sponsorship and the Lyoness Path may need to execute the last step of Sirius PlanB.