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BOOK ONE – She Comes Forth By Day

Prologue:  The Shetau

Chapter 0:  The Lyoness Legacy

Chapter 1:  Blue Lotus Petal

Chapter 2:  Coming Forth By Day (coming soon)

Chapter 3:  Handle the Truth (coming soon)

Chapter 4:  War on the Horizon (coming soon)

Chapter 5:  Go Tell The Mountain (coming soon)

Chapter 6:  Royal Court of Nefer (coming soon)

Chapter 7:  Mental Health Matters (coming soon)

Chapter 8:  Zig and Zag (coming soon)

Chapter 9:  We There Yet? (coming soon)

Chapter 10: Four-D Acres (coming soon)

Chapter 11: We Do Nothing (coming soon)

Chapter 12: Olmecra Is Rising (coming soon)

Book One Epilogue: And Set No More (coming soon)



Enjoy the book and your discussion.