Medu NTR

Below are terms, attributes and descriptions as reflected in the books:

A number that represents balance. The ones serve as outer gates for four-fours that represent thought.
4th Dimension
The dimension for a light being’s last rights of passage before reconnecting with its Universal Source. Hue-mans can go to the 4th dimension during melanin synthesis (sleep) to get creative wisdom from their ancestors. During a light being’s last rights of passage, their mind, heart and spirit are weighed using Goddess Ma’at’s scales.
5th Dimension
The ancestral realm that light beings choose to reside in to help their 3rd and 4th dimensional bloodlines evolve.
A person who practices to become a master alchemist.
A combination of the sub-words Af for the science of ancestral connections; Ra for solar connection; and Ka for spiritual alignment. AfRaKa is a state of mind; and to be AfRaKan is to belong to that state of mind.
A hue-man hair style that allows the curly 9s of the hair to reach for the cosmos.
Age of Aquarius
The final of the twelve Shetau Council astrological ages planned for the ascension of the Milky Way Galaxy. Evolution in the age is at a level where hue-man pineal glands will be activated by ancient ancestors; and special souls will take missions to raise the vibrations on Earth.
Age of Aries
The tenth of the twelve Shetau Council astrological ages. The birth of patriarchy by sacral vortex first occurred during this age.
Age of Leo
The sixth of the twelve Shetau Council astrological ages. The birth star constellation of Goddess Sekhmet that provides Earth the evolutionary energy to heal by fire.
Age of Sagittarius
The first of the twelve Shetau Council astrological ages. The time in space that evolved one dimensional thought into Divine Feminine Energy.
Moorish Latin word for “now”. Also known as Spanish for “now”.
Divine sacred science.
Light beings with purpose in multi-dimensions that reside in a mortal’s DNA.
Ancient Egypt
The northeastern lands of Africa that surround the Nile River and are north of ancient Nubia. A culture rich with emphasis on Kemet.
Ankh, Udja, Senab
An ancient benediction phrase. Ankh is the sacral power of creative energy by balanced genders and polarity. Udja is promise for evolutionary accomplishment. Senab is a wish for good mental, body and spiritual health.
Kiswahili for Thank You. Asante Sana means Thank You Very Much.
Asante Sana
Means “Thank You Very Much” in Kiswahili.
A follower of the divine attributes of NTR Asar.
An endearing term of sincere acknowledgment.
Pheomelanin humans.
An ancient underwater city in the Atlantic Ocean that sunk after a major earthquake that broke apart the lands of Mu.
Describes the Sun setting into the Western horizon. The third earthly season for harvesting energies that were properly seeded during the season of Khepra and nurtured during the season of Re.
Black Panther Party
Started by the Lowndes County Freedom Organization in Mississippi, the black panther became the symbol of the political party. As the party expanded around the world, movement members took on projects to evolve their communities with self-sufficiency, re-education and self-defense efforts. Many party activist have been imprisoned for their political involvement.
The sacred Air exhaled by hue-mans that represents Spirit.
Describes someone who saves others from crisis.
Cosmic Sacred Womb
Anywhere in the Universe with vibrations high enough to create energy.
Curly 9s
Hue-man hair curls in the shape of the divine number 9. This shape allows for maximum reception and receivership to the cosmos.
Acronym for DesFonto Citizens For Progressive Evolution. An organized group of citizens who live in south Dallas County.
The reverse process for evolving by practice of low vibrations.
Short for divine feminine energy.
Short for Divine Nine, (Divi*9).
Divine Feminine
The evolution of one dimensional thought on beauty, intelligence, strength and nurturing that developed into multi-dimensional light beings that carry the sacred womb of purposeful creative energies.
Dr. Francis Cress Welsing
A eumelanin dominate multi-genius who practiced medicine as a MD and psychiatrist. She authored many essays that identify white supremacy and systematic racism. Dr. Welsing is the author of the book “The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors.”
Earthly Experience
When a light being purposefully takes on a bio-body and goes to Earth to experience its programming and environmental sensations.
Short for high vibrational feminine attributes.
Short for General Education Development. A GED is usually pursued when a high school diploma is not earned.
Goddess Ast
GodIs Asset’s name before her GodIs rights of passage completion. Twin sister to Goddess Nephthys.
Goddess HetHeru
The divine attribute for sacred wombs and mother’s milk. Her primary purpose is healthy births and nurturing of children. Known in other mythology as Hathor.
Goddess Ma’at
The divine attribute of Truth, Justice and Order that is confirmed in the 42-Negative Confessions. Her special scales are used to weight the heart of light beings passing back to Source.
Goddess Neith
The divine attribute for the fluid that surrounds sacred wombs. Goddess Neith is the original Ruler of Lower Kemet before it was unified with Upper Kemet. She is also known as Mami-Wata for her Earthly mission to manage the Forces of Nature.
Goddess Nephthys
GodIs NebHet’s name before her GodIs rights of passage completion. Twin sister to Goddess Ast.
Goddess Sekhmet
The divine aspect of healing by fire called Sekhem. Her DNA includes ancestors from the Universal System called Lyra in the 11th dimension.
Goddess Shesat
The divine attribute of Intelligence, Academics and Literature. She is the inspiration of the 7-Laws of Tehuti, The Book of Coming Forth by Day, and other ancient works designed to enlighten. Her counter-part is NTR Tehuti.
The title for a goddess that has completed a special rights of passage to take on a project that will create enough high vibrational energy to harvest for a multi-dimensional quantum leap.
GodIs Aset
The name taken by Goddess Adept Ast after completion of her GodIs rights of pages to Queen Mother the Tri-GOD project as her primary purpose.
GodIs NebHet
The name taken by Goddess Nephthys after completion of her GodIs rights of passage to support the Tri-GOD project’s households (Pharaohs) as her primary purpose. Her counter-part is NTR Set.
GodIs Nuut
Divine attribute of the sky and the stars. One of the original Divine Feminine. She is the start of the Lyoness Legacy. Her counter-balance is NTR Geb.
GodIs TefNuut
The divine attribute of moisture. She is the daughter of the Great Queen Mother Nuut and mother of Goddess Sekhmet. Her counter-balance is NTR Shu.
Great Queen Mother
One of the original nine Divine Feminine birthed in the Age of Sagittarius, (GodIs Nuut and Muut).
Great Queen Mother Muut
One of the original Divine Feminine birthed in the Age of Sagittarius. She is the attribute of the term Motherland or Mu. Her bio-body looks to be a hippopotamus standing on hind legs. She is sometimes attributed to Mother Nature.
The Greek deity attributed with the 7 Principles of Tehuti; falsely labeled the Hermetic Laws. Mostly likely, Greek students at Kemetic Universities borrowed the principles and named them after their mythical god.
People with a dominant amount of eumelanin (hue) in their bio-body.
Isla Olmecra
A collection of islands in the ancient sea first civilized by the Olmecs. Known in 21st century to some as the Caribbean Islands.
The island the nation of Haiti resides on in the ancient sea of Isla Olmecra.
Kiswahili greeting for Hello.
The ancient term for spirit and/or consciousness.
Kali Queen Amazons
Divine Feminine warriors that rule the western part of Lower Olmecra The original seat of their empire is located in modern day California.
A territory of Mu considered California and parts of the southwestern parts of the United States.
A state of mind that practices alchemy based on the principles of Ma’at and Tehuti. The ancient Nubian civilization up and until the great 18th Dynasties in what is considered the Nile Valley of Egypt Africa.
Kemetic Yoga
The oldest practice of yoga as displayed in the stone and ancient text of Kemet.
Describes the Sun rising over the Eastern horizon. Also describes the season for seeding.
An East African Bantu language and culture mispronounced and misspelled as Swahili.
Light Beings
A being without constraints of matter. Highly vibrational consciousness supported by fully functional melanin synthesis. They are sometimes assigned missions on Earth within hue-man vessels.
Long Count
Each astrological age has its own specific countdown called a Long Count. The age starts with a low vibration until it gets enough momentum to transition into a high vibrational energetic age.
An ancient magnificent University built during Patriarchy to teach the alchemy of physiology and psychology.
Light beings with ancestors from the 11th dimensional Universe of Lyra.
The northwestern eumelanin dominate nation in Africa that is home to the Dogan tribe. The Dogan were able to describe the orbits of SiriusB and SiriusC before any modern technology could detect them. It is thought the Dogan are descendants of hue-mans that moved westward when Kemet began being invaded by the Asiatics. The Dogan supposedly taught the Moors alchemy. And it is thought the Olmec came from the Dogan tribes.
The Earthly Experience of Goddess Neith. She is responsible to nurture scared waters that surround sacred wombs; and support the Forces of Nature.
Kiswahili word for the number two.
An ancient civilization of Lower Kemet. A Kemetic pantheon balanced by Goddess Sekhmet and NTR Ptah.
Kiswahili word for the number one.
Moorish Latin
The term used for the Spanish language when the Moors ruled Spain.
The first land mass on Earth.
A divine feminine aspect carrying a sacred womb that originates from the ancient land mass of Mu. They have a hue-man upper bio-body with a dorsal fin.
The immortal attributes of nature in spirit that create thought in the Universe. Things operating in their original purpose that were designed to provide logical order for pro-regeneration and evolution.
Nichelle Nichols
A eumelanin dominate actress from the original series episodes of Star Trek. She has been known to have inspired eumelanin dominate girls to pursue space travel.
A pure way of spelling Neter.
NTR AmenRa
Captain and commander of the Sun Boat that travels a daily path to cross Earth’s horizons. In his boat, he carries those coming forth by day and passing to the underworld.
The masculine aspect for nurturing souls that are ready for their last rights of passage.
NTR Asar
The divine attribute constellation of stars that host Spirit. NTR Asar is also the twin brother of NTR Set and master of the 4th dimension.
The masculine principle for Earth’s land masses. His counter-balance is the Great Queen Mother Nuut.
NTR Heru
The very special Sun/Son birth from GodIs Aset’s sacred womb for cosmic Matter of the Milky Way Galaxy. The masculine aspect of the ChristIs consciousness and counter-part to Goddess HetHeru.
The divine attribute for the misunderstanding of un-natural aspects. NTR Set is also the twin brother of NTR Asar and the first to be attributed with the condition called EGO. He is know as the master of chaos.
The divine masculine principle of Air. The counter-balance of GodIs TefNuut.
Octavia Butler
An accomplished eumelanin dominate female author of science fiction.
Land mass first civilized by the ancient Olmec people. Lower Olmecra is located along the southern United States; and the islands of the ancient sea are called the Caribbean. Upper Olmecra includes land mass north of Central America to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.
A great household before patriarchy. 2. The masculine energy in the great household after patriarchy.
Pharaohic Dynasties
A time in space when Patriarchy built large civilizations around great households of the Nile Valleys.
Quantum Leap
The ability to advance faster than the speed of light. An evolutionary step forward into higher dimensions.
Queen Mothers
Anyone responsible for nurturing a collection of mothering energies. Queen Mothers are liaisons between Sibyls and the community; and manage the market places.
Describes the Sun at its highest point in the sky. Also describes the season for nurturing. Should not be confused with the deity Ra.
A medicinal process of healing by moving energy in the bio-body. Even though the practice is popular with Asian medicine; ancient Kemetic civilizations used Reiki for many years before them.
Restoration of Ma’at
Civilization returning to the practice of the 42 Principles of Ma’at as Truth for Justice and to maintain Order.
Rights of Passage
The final process of acknowledgment for an adept or initiate who has spent time in space learning and growing (evolving) to master a specific subject matter.
Acronym for Reserve Officers Training Corps. A military officer’s training program for students while they matriculate in college.
Kemetic alchemy that encourages wellness in mind, body and spirit.
SheDevil SheEvil
The hue-mans reversed the word live and associated it with the word she for SheEvil. And reversed the word lived to create SheDevil.
Shetau Council
An organized group of empires, their daughters and institutional interests, (She*Tau)
An initiate or adept of the Forces of Nature; responsible to manage a shrine.
The largest and most powerful star in the Tri-GOD system. The dominant star of the Tri-GOD system. GodIs Aset is referred to as Sirius. Her Sun/Son Heru follows her daily journey of coming forth by day.
Systematic Internal Societal Illness is a condition created and perpetuated when hue-mans loose their connection to AfRaKa and choose to predominately participate in un-natural activities that are intentional to slowing their evolution.
Someone with high vibrational feminine attributes.
SiStar Moon
The aspect of emotion on Earth.
The essence of a light being that consist of consciousness and the balance levels of the seven parts of the soul (mentalism, correspondence, polarity, vibration, rhythm, gender, cause-and-effect). Another term for Ka.
Kiswahili word for the number three.
The name given to TaMaRa by Mami-Wata to represent divine feminine aspects (Tau); motherly aspects (Mau); and high solar energies (Re).
The Ankh
An alchemy force created from the sacral power of energy by balancing mentalism, correspondence, rhythm, vibration, gender, polarity, and cause-and-effect.
Triangular-GOD-Star System (Tri-GOD)
GodIs Asset’s primary project to create a new Universal galaxy using three-major Suns.
Universal Source
One’s origination of creativity in the Universe.
Beings that carry a womb capable of pro-generating the energy of life.