The Guide 2 InnerStanding the Chronicles

The entire guide is written, but not ready for book publishing. So I’m gonna share here for awhile…

Column 0 – Awaken And Let Me Ride…

The Guide is for:

The Rejected
The Seeker
The Adept
The Alchemist
and The Master Teacher

Column 1 – Energy is Everything…

For instance, here is a list of womb-energies especially designed to impact the Womban Evolving Everyday:

  • Creative Energy
  • Nurturing Energy
  • Divine Feminine Energy (Divi9 Femi9)
  • Empathic Energy
  • Intuition Energy
  • Energy to Make Change (potential balanced with kinetic)

Column 2 – The Universal Puzzle…

  1. The U-n-I-niverse sources a cosmic environment (the puzzle).
  1. The puzzle is made of everything large and small in space; including the stars, planets… Our Mother Earth.
  1. Every unique hueman is Spirit; and has a Soul piece of the Universal Puzzle.
  1. Our Spirit Piece fits into the puzzle when we stay on The Path.
  1. When Our Unique Spirit Piece is properly fit into the puzzle; Our Soul is at Peace… and the U-n-I-niverse is whole for all (wholeness).

Column 3 – When the Teacher Appears…

YEAR 2014 – kicked out of the church for the last time.

YEAR 2015 – labeled an “angry black woman” by corporate America.

YEAR 2016 – started living off the grid!

Column 4 – The Shift…

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t immediately recognize The Shift. But Gnow That… The Shift is coming to a journey near you.

Column 5 – Truth Proven Evidence…

This Guide describes proven evidence as both physical and metaphysical. And it must pass at least three-steps:
(1) align with spiritual intuition-energy;
(2) consist of a pattern of facts;
(3) and align with both Universal and Natural Laws.

Column 6 – The Self Initiate Journey…

Self-Initiation is the principle that encourages a divine unique being to re-connect to who She is along with the how/why/when/where etc. There is no guru… just a personal YouNiverse.

Column 7 – Balance 4 Peace…

Now, I’m not saying it’s that easy… that from Balance directly comes Peace. It is never going to be that linear. Again, there are levels to the shift.

Column 8 – Sovereignty is Safe…

  1. What do I need to stay safe from?
  2. What happens if I don’t get safe?
  3. Who or what kind of entity might be able to provide safety from what I consider in question #1?
  4. What do I do when I get to safety?
  5. How do I make that safety sustainable?

Column 9 – Evolving Everyday Practice…

-Keep Coming Forth by Day;
-Keep Mastering Energy;
-Keep Connecting YouNiverse to the U-n-I-niverse;
-Keep Seeking;
-Evolve with The Shift;
-Don’t get Distracted;
-Acknowledge, Accept and Affirm The Practice;
-Strive for Balance 4 Peace Always;
-Get Safe Sovereignty and Sustain it;
-Stay Well, Stay Woke, and Stay Warm.